United States and Canada

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January 2017

 20-22 Equine Touch L3 Theory  Loveland, CO  Contact Instructor Raian Kaiser

April 2017

8-9 Spring Tune Up for all levels of ET students. FREE for current IETA members who renew by 1/15/17.

Loveland, CO  Contact Instructor Raian Kaiser

May 2017

12-14  Equine Touch Level 2 Loveland, CO Contact Instructor Raian Kaiser
19-21  Whole Horse Dissection  Cape May, NJ  Contact Linda Steinberg  Instructor: Ivana


June 2017

9-11 Equine Touch Level 1  Fort Collins, CO  Contact Cindy Loader Instructor: Raian

July 2017

21-24  National Equine Touch Days for USA and Canada  Take time to enjoy the work, and time with your own animals,

family and friends as we celebrate the memory of Jock Ruddock and the continued success and evolution of the work he

pioneered and Ivana is carrying on

22-23  NEW COURSE Equine Touch Level 1, part 1 Loveland, CO Contact Raian Kaiser Instructor: Raian

August 2017

 5-6 Stretching and Mobilization with Application and Layering. Loveland, CO. Contact Instructor Raian Kaiser

September 2017

9-10  IETA AGM clinics and meeting open to all levels of ETF modality students: come refresh, review, recharge your ETF

modality work with us (ET, CT, VHT)  Loveland, CO  Contact IETA secretary

October 2017

6-8  Equine Touch Level 1 and 2  Emmett, ID  Contact Toni Bucciero (208) 890-0629 Instructor: Raian Kaiser